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We want to build Porsches’ Customer Interaction Center (CIC) in Barcelona together with you. At the CIC we want to create something new and innovative to inspire the customer experience of the Porsche brand. You may think of it as a call center – but way better! You are an essential part of Porsches customer success, so you might as well call yourself a Porsche Ambassador.

Do you “speak” Porsche? Because we are looking for passionate Knowledge Analysts who seek to revolutionise Porsches’ customer service. Your mission will be to become an administrator and sovereignty of CIC knowledge Center and ensure user friendly knowledge for Level 1 & 2



  • Creates content based on provided input by stakeholders
  • Reviews content created by others to ensure fit for 1st and Subject Expert
  • Secures integration of new knowledge into KC and continuous update based on knowledge relevance evaluation
  • Communication of new knowledge to relevant knowledge recipients based on knowledge relevance evaluation
  • Secure exchange with trainers for updates in KC
  • Develop & update training content
  • Creates content, coordinates review/approval process with stakeholder and if necessary, coordinates translations
  • Reviews and filters content by stakeholders for Knowledge Center
  •           Coordinates translation process, if necessary
  • Updates KC content based on feedback


  • Manages the overall CIC Knowledge Center context and maintains overview of content available
  • Ensures knowledge accuracy and quality of latest information by stakeholders in CIC Knowledge Center


  • Senior level specialist with several years of experience in knowledge management
  • Several years of experience in Contact Center management and knowledge/content management
  • Technological affinity to handle technical content 
  • Proficient in English 
  • Proficiency with MS Office, knowledge management tools 
  • Personality: Open and empathetic, but also natural authority
  • Working style: self-dependent, accurate, structured
  • Excellent writing skills


You’ve made it this far, so don't keep waiting - apply directly! 

We will review your application and get in touch with you as soon as possible. Only two interviews until you can get started at our Customer Interaction Center in Berlin! 

In the meantime: Check out our new Porsche Digital Website to get an impression of what our hearts beat for:   

We look forward to receiving your application and hopefully getting to know you better soon. 

** We invite FLINTA and BiPOC to apply and join us **